Advantages and Choosing a Stair Carpet

Stairs are the media used to go upstairs or down. In addition, if made with a good design concept, the stairs can also make the look of the interior space look more beautiful and interesting. In general, the floor of this staircase is closed with tiles, not different from the floor space although there is also complete this cover with other elements of the carpet. The use of this carpet has several advantages. Among others, if viewed from the side of safety, this carpet can make the floor becomes rough and not slippery so the risk of the occurrence of a falling foot or a tweed can be reduced. Especially if the size of the stair level is higher or the position of the stairs is near the toilet and bathroom. New legs out of the place are usually in wet conditions. If you are interested in using carpets, then there are things you need to consider is to choose a professional carpet cleaning service for you, by using you do not have to worry about carpet cleaning services.

In contrast to the floor space carpet, the carpet used to cover the floor of the stairs should be selected from a material that has a bending nature, the goal is that the carpet can close tightly on the floor surface. Try to choose a carpet made of wool, especially if the ladder is often used for up and down the floor, the texture of the wool carpet is more flexible and the installation is easier to do than other materials.