Identity: Sought or Formed?

The issue of identity is always burdened with adolescent’s responsibility 17-20 year age range. At that age, teenagers have a high ego. If the ego cannot be controlled or cannot be directed properly, it will end up sad. No wonder, juvenile delinquency is rife at that age and occurs in young men and women. Therefore to help teens find their true identity it would be better if you visit the website first to help handle problems of identity in adolescents.

Apart from that, identity according to my understanding is our personal identity and purpose in life. If you stand on this statement, we already have the identity because during the dozen years we live our time has no personality? During our teen years, we have no goals? If there is no purpose, why is it alive? Definitely, have! So, what part of the identity should be sought? There is nothing to look for, as it is not a visible thing. Perhaps what should be sought is the science or understanding to form an identity. Seeking knowledge and understanding can vary. Can by reading, adventurous (mountain climbing), organize, etc. There are many ways to gain knowledge and understanding of life.