Recommended non-western action movies

If you really enjoy watching a gun fight or car chase scene, or you also enjoy a martial art scene, then you will love the movies that we’re going to share with you. However, we’re not going to share the western movies, it’s because they’re so famous and you might have watched them before. You can also visit to watch the best action movies online.

Here are the recommended non-western action movies:

1. The Raid Redemption & The Raid 2

These two movies are very excellent. These movies are capable of showing the fight scenes on a whole new level compared to most Hollywood action movies these days. You will not be able to find any lame move from the fight scenes in these movies as if each move has been intended for a kill.

2. Kung Fu Hustle

Although it’s an action-comedy movie, the fight scenes in this movie are very amusing. You may want to watch it again for a second time, due to this movie is very funny and thrilling at the same time.