Is Your Carpet Color Faded? Simply Sprinkle the Salt!

The carpet is one of the important decorative elements in the living room, its presence that makes the comfort of the residents of the house for a casual chat or for children’s play area. But the carpet is susceptible to dirt and dust and if not maintained again, a beautiful impression on this floor cover accessories over time can fade and stains that accumulate can cause various respiratory diseases. Not infrequently also, the carpet into a place of development of bedbugs. But you do not need to worry because now you can easily visit the website at to get the best carpet laundry for your favorite carpet. Apart from that, here are some ways to take care of your favorite carpet so that the color does not easily fade!

1. Place the carpet in a room that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This is to avoid the rapid fading of the carpet color.

2. If it is already faded, sprinkle the carpet with as much salt as possible. Let stand about 1 hour, then suction with the vacuum cleaner. It’s powerful enough to make the carpet color “live” again.

3. Clean and suction dust using a vacuum cleaner at least three weeks so that the dirt does not accumulate.