Tips to Eliminate Stains and Smell of Cat Urine on the Carpet

For those of you who have a cat as a pet, cat stains and smell of urine on the carpet can be a frequent problem. Cat urine has a very strong odor carpet cleaners sydney, hard to lose, and unpleasant. When a cat is urinating on a carpet or rug, it will be very difficult to remove the smell. Then what to do to remove the stains and smell of cat urine on the carpet? The cat’s urine odor and stain must disappear completely because if not, the cat will usually go back to urinate in the same place. To remove the smells and cat urine stains on the carpet, you can use carpet cleaners Sydney.

Here are tips and steps to clean the stains and smell of cat urine on the carpet; Find the area or location affected by the cat’s urine before cleaning the cat’s urine stains or smell. It would be easy to see if cat urine stains are new to the carpet, but it takes extra effort when cat urine has dried up. Remove the cat’s new urine spots as quickly as possible. If there is on the carpet, take a duster and press with feet to absorb urine. Avoid rubbing stains because it will only make the stain widened. Repeat the urine absorption process with a duster for several times.