Do You Know The History Of Pulse Development?

As we know that today so many people are using smartphones as communication aids. But it makes them unwilling to buy credit to activate internet package and always connect with social media and other applications. So from now on the development of pulses is very rapid, even now you can tukar pulsa jadi uang through our website.

Talking about pulse then used pulse postpaid system or use first pay later applied at the beginning of the establishment of Telkomsel circa 1995. Soon, a year later came a product named ProXL. Begin to see the competition that tries to take market share from Telkomsel. It was only in 1997 that prepaid cards were launched by Telkomsel as a breakthrough. Recharge is done with the purchase of vouchers rub. Some dealers were eventually appointed to distribute this product.

This is the point that the beginning of the emergence of pulse outlets. Another operator that Indosat also tried to glance at the potential of this cellular business. In 2001 Mentari was born product of a subsidiary of PT Indosat Multi Media Mobile. Refill the sun using the Short Code distributed through several dealers.
Not long ago, Telkomsel issued an Autorefill or B2B in the form of EDC (Electronic Data Capture) which specifically recharge the sympathy balance precisely in March 2002. It allows charging pulses without a code rub and certainly easier for buyers. M-KIOS was born in June 2004 to further facilitate the outlet to serve prepaid subscribers refilling telkomsel in various regions. Some sources say there are about 10 million subscribers owned by Telkomsel at the time.