Know whether or not spinal manipulation is safe to most people

Every day many people experience back pain and spine. Spinal manipulation can be a healing alternative to the back, neck, shoulders and even headaches when traditional therapy is incapable of healing. If you wonder what manipulation treatment is and how it works, take a close look at Spinal manipulation, also called spinal manipulative therapy, combines joint movement and jerking through massage, exercise, and physical therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to reduce the pressure on the joints and auto to improve nerve function and reduce pain and inflammation.

For your additional information, Spinal manipulation is usually performed by a licensed physician or chiropractor and is used to treat back, neck, shoulders and even headaches. When spinal manipulation is performed by a trained and licensed physician to perform the procedure, spinal manipulation is extremely safe. But like any other treatment, there are still some risks and complications that may occur. Some of the most serious complications are disc herniation (disk herniation), nerve compression, and in some cases can cause stroke and death.