How To Effectively Mastering Skills In English Writing?

Some say writing is much easier than speaking. In terms of time of producing it is true when compared with speaking, we have more time to think while writing. But, why is writing considered more ‘difficult’? Because in the process of doing it involves thinking skills (skills thinking) and ‘rules’ is more ‘tight’. Therefore, to optimize the writing of good English, the thing you need to do is courses in the place of reliable English, as you can find on Apart from that, here are some effective tips on mastering writing skills in English!

Tips 1. Just like speaking, if you want fluent speaking, must be diligent listening. The same thing with writing. We must be diligent in reading as well. From reading we can learn a lot: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, good writing, idea development, writing style, etc.

Tips 2. The exercise does not have to directly write an essay or short story. Can be from chat or join an online forum. Find a chat native speaker friends and if you join an online forum in English do not just be a spectator but must participate actively respond.

Tip 3. One form of exercise is fun and many of you would have done it: blogging. Create a regular schedule for blogging in English.

Tips 4. While diligent reading and practice, we also must diligently read about the important rules of writing, such as punctuation, capital letters, etc.