Preparation for disasters: How to last longer

If you’ve experienced a horrible natural disaster in the past, then you have understood completely that the system will be gone dark for the first 48 hours. No police or rescue worker that will come to your aid, it’s because they are people too, and they will prioritize their own family before the others. That’s why preparing for the next disasters that may hit your neighbor can be a good idea. Stocking some food and water supplies, medicine, and also having a reliable 5kw solar system will help you to survive longer, and you will be able to contribute to the society as well.

Getting more power can be a serious matter. As you can see, the natural disasters such as an earthquake, typhoon, tornado, blizzard, or even the tsunami can cause the electric grid to be cut off from the rest of the society. Without power, it will be hard for people to get food and water, and even walking during the night can become more dangerous than before. So installing a reliable solar system that will help you to contribute to the society can be a big help. This way, you can provide the necessary light and warmth during the night for your family and your neighbor.

As for the foods and water, it will be a good idea for you to prepare some MRE. This military meal will definitely last for a very long time, and they taste pretty good as well. Then you may also want to make a rain water filtration and storage system for your house. So aside from stocking up some water before the disaster, you will also be able to gain additional clean water from the sky. This way, you will not only save your family from the lack of power and starvation, but you will be able to become the backbone for your entire neighborhood during the dark hours until the help arrives in your area.