Newest, Instagram photo frame is not square anymore

 Instagram finally does not restrict users to upload photos and videos in a square. The reason, Instagram just announced it has made changes to the frame of photos and video posted by the user. So now you can share photos and videos in their original size custom social media frames, whether in landscape or portrait format. Although Instagram does not limit the size of postings in square form, they still cut the size of the photo to make it look interesting when displayed. For the vertical image will be cut with an aspect ratio of 4: 3, while for horizontal image cut with size 16: 9. You may want the best frame from Instagram, which is custom social media frames.

If you want to share photos and videos in real size, you can simply tap on the icon to adjust the orientation. After that, your photo and video view will no longer be square. These photos and videos will look square on your profile gallery and will adjust their original size after it airs on your follower’s homepage.