Tree House in BSD Serpong as the Hangout Spot for Youth

Visitors or residents who want to relax and exercise in the area of Taman Kota 2, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Kel. Ciater, Serpong asked the South Tangerang City Government (Tangsel) is continuing the development of the cultural arena. Therefore to know more about the development of South Tangerang, you can directly visit the website at

Apart from that, the reason one of the existing facilities in the park area is later used as a place to hang out and hang out young people.

The construction should be continued so that the Cultural Center which has been deprogramming Tangsel municipal government finish on time so that it is not misused by other person or others who want to do evil as well as others.

The existence of 2 BSD City Park certainly is needed for the community to just exercise and relax every weekend or Saturday and Sunday so unfortunately if left unkempt and development of cultural arenas not continued so useful for many people.