Silent Hill

The film tells of a foster child who turned out to be a reincarnation of the good side of Alessa (the dead child being burned and cursed a place called silent hill it became a ghost town) and always raved about going to silent hill. Finally, her mother named Rose took Sharon to Silent Hill at night. He ignores the warnings surrounding people who say that Silent Hill has been closed because of the burning embers at the bottom of the Earth caused by the great fire 30 years ago. Apparently, it is not just the embers that threaten this dead city, but also the curse of demons who want revenge for 30 years continue to grip the city as darkness comes and finish off anyone who entered the area except in the church where the fanatics who burned Alessa 30 years then, and Rose and the policewoman Cybil who booked her had to be dragged into another world in Silent Hill.

What was interesting when her husband Rose’s scene was accompanied by a policeman running around looking for Rose, Sharon, and Cybil into the dead city of Silent Hill but he did not find anything there, even though his wife was facing him. So, they are in the same place but a different world. As Rose flees from the demon who chases her past her husband, Christ feels Rose’s perfume. Intrigued by the continuation? Kunjugni our website and watch through bioskop online.