Color Wall Paint Myth and How to Manage It!

The effect of color into a myth is often used as a role model when designing the room. Besides paying attention to the color, you should also pay attention to the proper painting techniques as can be done by to paint your house wall can be more durable. Regardless, with creativity and imagination in the color game, you can create a beautiful room. Here are some color myths and how to get around!

Dark Color Impressed dull
Dark and heavy colors such as brown, green moss or blue sea did not make the room become dull. Give a light touch of color through the selection of color furniture in the room, so that your room is painted dark will not look dull.

Pastel Color Impressed Feminine
For you a man, do not be afraid to choose pastel colors like green leaves, sky blue or even beige to color the room or room inside the house. You can still use pastel colors that are combined with dark colors, for example for the ceiling frame, or give a darker color to the center of a pastel-colored wall.