First Aid for Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are all around us, ranging from mild to severe and life-threatening. According to the World Federation of Mental Health, one in four adults will have mental health problems at some time in their life, those with mental health problems are in dire need of the support of the nearest people and those around them. Mental disorders can be prevented by recognizing the signs and providing assistance to them. As with any physical problem, on the mental health can also be done first religious to prevent worsening conditions. When we see people closest to us stress or show signs of depression, we can do psychological help. One way is to include yourself or your brother into our community for further healing at

First aid can be done, among others; actively approach them, listen to what they tell, empathize and avoid sympathy, respect their dignity, accept and appreciate their perceived view of the problem and know their need for personal and secret things. Do not though, label them with mental disorders. We can also encourage them to get help from health professionals, without being forced.